CIO’s and Industry Leaders gathered on May 16th and 17th of 2011 at the Hotel Arts in Calgary, Alberta, to discuss the growing importance of Information Technologies role in infrastructure and communications in the mobile remote office environment.

The conference was aimed to discover how to leverage remote IT infrastructure within businesses and educate CIOs regarding the proper strategies and technologies that will be the most influential to their companies in 2011 and beyond. “Most CIO’s are challenged in many ways in today’s rapidly evolving IT environment and within the dynamics of corporate culture” says Chief Operating Officer of Techworks Rick Johannesson.  “It has become crucial for CIO’s to look at transformational technologies and incorporate those tools quickly into their environment.  The convergence of technologies onto single devices has allowed stakeholders to access information from anywhere… we can help organizations to identify and leverage the best suited technologies to give them competitive advantage in the future”.

Not only were some of North America’s leading enterprise Information Technology and Oil and Gas organizations in attendance at the CIO conference, but keynote speakers (including Tom Collins, Connor Duffy, Darren Bell, Russ Doig, Craig Ballard, David Booth, Rick Johannesson, Leigh Chang, Jeff Holden and Perry Kinkaide) delivered truly compelling and educational presentations about the revolutionary state of the IT union.

Topics of the keynote presentations included; “The Evolution of Technology and the Managing of Transformational Technologies: What Might Happen in the Next 25 years”, “Advanced Data Protection Techniques and Scalability for the Highly Virtualized Public/Private Cloud Environment”, “Building High Performance Remote Telecom Infrastructure in the Middle of Nowhere”, “Balancing Availability Performance and Security in a Hybrid Cloud Environment”, “Flexible Communications and Fixed Mobile Convergence Platforms”, “A Sober Assessment of the Role of Ambiguity in Rural Communities Where Chaos Reigns”, “Remote Unified Communications: NACG’s Drivers, Challenges, Wins and Losses”, and “The Digital Oilfield”.

The event began with the Keynote Presentation from Techworks Solutions Providers Inc. Tom Collins and Rick Johannesson co-presented “The Evolution of Technology and the Managing of Transformational Technologies: What Might Happen in the Next 25 Years”.

Darren Bell, Enterprise Account Executive from Dell Canada said it best: “It's not too often that so many C level business leaders are so captively gathered throughout a two day conference.” “What a fantastic event!”

In case you missed the event, we have videos of the Techworks presentation on our website, and Rigstar Communications has launched a series of pod and video casts on their website and on their Youtube – RigstarTV channel highlighting each of the presentations.

The second “Remote Communications CIO Conference” is scheduled for October 18, 2011 and will focus on “Health, Safety and Environmental Improvement – and how IT is leading the charge.”

Techworks is very pleased to have its own COO Rick Johannesson and Tom Collins of Station 5 Consulting delivering the first Keynote Presentation at this second CIO Council event on “Transformational Technologies and Change Management”.

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