Considering the potential damage from a virus infection, a malicious attack or sorting through myriads of SPAM, many information systems are grossly under-protected. The unfortunate truth about protection is that too many small businesses have seen their computer systems shut down by preventable issues. Techworks offers the following services to protect your data and protect your business.

Server Class and Workstation Virus Protection  offer complete virus protection that guards your system and data files and electronic mail at both the host and client levels. Our virus protection systems are configured to guard against all known viruses and automatically update virus definition information each day. We use only the most trusted and proven virus protection utilities. If an infection is ever found, the system automatically notifies us and you.

Intrusion, Theft, and Vandalism Prevention. The greatest risk inherent in connecting your network to the Internet is the threat of intrusion. The benefits of such a connection can far outweigh the risks if network access is properly guarded. Techworks firewall servers are designed specifically to meet the needs and changing demands of business. These firewalls often start their service by giving shared Internet access to local users. As the business requirements change, our firewalls can be reconfigured to manage access to web servers, electronic mail servers, web applications, and secure remote access to network resources.

Anti-Spam Filtering.  Spam costs businesses time and money.  This cost is not only seen in the time required to sift through endless junk e-mail but also in the security risks from “phishing” attacks.  Proper detection and remediation of “socially engineered” e-mail prevents unintended exposure of confidential information and the huge potential costs associated with loss of reputation.