Virtualization is making inroads in the main stream.  Techworks has the experience to integrate this technology into your business, reducing hardware spending and producing Green I.T. initiatives. What is Virtualization?
• Virtualization is the use of software to allow a single piece of hardware to run multiple operating systems at the same time. 
• It is a method of partitioning one physical server computer into multiple “virtual” servers, giving each the appearance and capabilities of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server functions as a full-fledged server and can be independently rebooted.

Virtualization can be an important tool to help companies reduce hardware costs and improve reliability.  With careful planning many companies can replace there current server farms with a few high end servers.  Virtualization makes it possible to run several servers on one physical machine.  This can provide huge cost saving to companies

Virtualization also makes it possible to add levels of redundancy that were not possible in the past.  Virtual servers can automatically transfer to new hardware when they detected a failure on their current server.  This transition can be seamless to the users and will minimize downtime.

The challenges with virtualization are to ensure it is implemented in a well thought out manner.  Many companies are seeing virtual server sprawl.  Well intentioned IT teams are virtualizing everything they can think of which can lead to problems.  Virtualization is like any tool if it is used for its intended purpose it is very effective.  If it becomes an IT organizations only tool it will not deliver the desired results.