Regular maintenance on your workstation can save money and downtime. What happens when your computer or server goes down is communication is altered, business stops and valuable time is lost.

Workstation and Server Maintenance

If you have struggles with computer problems or have had major server issues, these problems cost you money, time and are a huge frustration.

It is easy to think computers are so advanced that they don't have the same problems as other machines. Computers are a combination of parts that combine tiny machines.  They are constantly running and being targeted by spyware, viruses and yes – the user. 

All of these factors require your Workstations and Servers have regular maintenance to avoid larger problems.

We offer Service Agreements for regular scheduled maintenance or “pay as you go” maintenance.

Corporate Maintenance

Corporate Maintenance is the ongoing and immediate technical support for your computer network, managed by our professional and experienced Staff.  We not only take care of your company's technology on a regular basis, but also implement and maintain a Technology Strategy based on your business objectives and budget. We customize Corporate Maintenance Plans to your budget based on number of users, technology requirements, usage levels and servers.