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Mobile Technology is changing the world

by | May 17, 2020


Utilizing technology in an ever shrinking world has become paramount to keeping your business competitive in today’s world. Mobile, VOIP Phone, and Cloud based communications technologies are proven to add value to all areas of your business. In order to help your business stay in the forefront, you need flexible and scalable phone and mobile technology solutions to maintain your competitive edge over your competition. The ability to be productive while not in a traditional office environment has become very prevalent in Calgary’s modern business communities. Allowing your team flexibility to not have to be tied to one physical location can prove to be very dynamic advantage. Today’s technology allows mobile commuting and telecommuting to become a very real reality. Such solutions can save your business thousands of dollars, in operational, and capital costs while maintaining a productive workforce working on proven and effective technology.

Cost-effective and reliable, VOIP lets you access full telephone functionality on any device including laptops, tablets, PCs or PDAs. Make calls, support customers, connect remote users and offices, from across the world or just across town while the customer on the other end of the phone experiences one seamless interaction with a local number and is none the wiser. VOIP’s phone support flexibility can bolster your business communications so you can nimbly respond to the changes of your dynamic workforce and customer base. The convenience and comfort provided by a VOIP telephone system is available all over the world. Using any broadband connection, you can log in to your VOIP telephone, and you will get a dial tone. Regardless of where you are, if you have Internet access, there should not be any problems in terms of costs and connections. VOIP systems are also accessible via email or while you are traveling. Simply take your headset or IP phone, and you can contact staff or clients with a low cost call.

In this day and age, the ability to work anywhere at any time on any device is the norm. With the new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend gaining popularity, it is imperative for companies to have a proper and secure mobility solution in place. BYOD encompasses any type of portable device such as a smartphone, tablet or ultra-sized notebook that was originally purchased for personal use, but is now being brought into the office to handle everyday tasks and assignments. Within the next few years, mobile internet traffic will surpass desktop internet traffic and many businesses are struggling to support the huge number of mobile devices, while questioning how they are affecting the security of their wireless networks. It is imperative to have solutions trailer made to allow your employees to work smarter. Before you implement a mobility strategy it is important that the right devices and business processes are implemented.


In order for companies to keep up with the increased demand for mobility and the BYOD trend, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution needs to be implemented to manage and secure these new mobile devices that are accessing the corporate network. An MDM solution provides these standard functionalities:
– Password settings, encryption and remote lock-and-wipe services
– Inventory of licenses, simplified version control, provisioning and support
– Application Management for deploying, updating and wiping
– Policy development for better control of all operational aspects of the mobile network


– Customized Support for on-site and remote installation which comes with training and support for software and end-user devices
– Inventory Management
– Software installation and asset tagging


– Mobility allows for flexible working options for employees, while ensuring they remain connected and productive. It also enables a new world of collaboration as employees no longer need to travel to remote locations to meet with suppliers or work on projects
– Increased productivity
– Cost savings
– Provides end users with greater flexibility
– Better access to people and information
– Helps companies gain and sustain a competitive advantage

A consultation with one of Techworks’s specialists in VOIP, Phone, and Mobile solutions can show you the benefits that these technologies can bring to you and your business.   Our subject matter experts have extensive experience at designing, configuring, and implementing a communications solution that is right for you.  Whether it is an on premises solution, cloud based solutions, or hybrid solution our team has you covered with unparalleled expert advice.