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Transition of IT Services Provider

by | Apr 23, 2018

Techworks has completed many successful transitions over the years and while it may be ‘business as usual’ for us, we understand that changing service providers can be disconcerting for your staff. It is our objective to identify all concerns and pro-actively manage the process to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

There is most definitely a process involved to ensure this runs smoothly.

  1. Determine the best ‘Cut-Over’ date
  2. Inform existing IT Service Provider
  3. Document ALL Systems and Services
  4. Document ALL Passwords and Access
  5. Engage with 3rd party software and services providers
  6. Develop transition plan
  7. Communicate expectations to staff and Implement Plan

Informing your Existing IT Service Provider

We have been here many times and even occasionally on the other side, so we understand the sensitivities of communicating the situation to your existing IT Provider. It is best to be upfront and clear with them once the decision has been made, set clear expectations on information disclosure and timeline.

Once all systems go, there will be a period of discovery and documentation of all relevant IT information from all systems to services to passwords.  This often involves various 3rd party software providers to ensure all critical systems continue to be operational and work seamlessly for your people.

An experienced IT provider will be able to take over your entire IT environment on short notice.  They will be able to communicate what they need from you, and what you can expect during this process as they prepare for takeover.